How to Buy a Piano?


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The addition of a piano in your home can provide intellectual stimulation and a lifetime of enjoyment for everyone. Prior to purchasing either a new or a used piano, it’s important to spend a little time preparing to be certain you purchase a piano that will suit your needs. 
First, it’s important to understand that you should select a piano that will fit your music needs. This means searching for a piano that has the musical tone and key touch that you prefer. The best way to find a piano that suits your musical needs is to visit your local piano store with a large selection of pianos at various price points. 
How to Buy a Piano
Spend some time playing several different pianos to determine which instrument has the touch that is most responsive to your fingers. It’s also a good idea to listen to different pianos to determine which one offers the tone you find most appealing. 
Because of the unique acoustic properties of playing a non-electronic instrument it’s important to consider the room itself. How high are the ceilings? What material is the floor and window coverings? How much furniture is in the room? All these will affect the way the piano sounds in your home. 
Size is also important, so think about the amount of space you have available to dedicate to a piano in your home. Pianos are available in two basic designs, grand and upright. While both are used by students, teachers and performers, the original piano was a grand piano. This is the ideal style as the design of the piano “action” is best for control and expression. The larger soundboard and longer strings also contribute to a much louder sound. Uprights have come a long way from their original design and have come very close in quality to a baby grand piano. When one has a noise or space constraint this piano design is right at home. Bear in mind that in an upright piano, the strings run up and down rather than running parallel to the floor, which can have an effect on the sound. Since the strings are longer in a grand piano and there is a lid that lifts up, which exposes the full length of the strings, a grand piano will have a much fuller sound than an upright piano.
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