What’s the Best Instrument for Your Child to Start On?


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If you are considering starting your child on a musical instrument, you might wonder which instrument would be the best choice. Guitar? Piano? Violin? Choosing the right instrument for your child to start on is important, as it will build the foundation for your child’s love of music. The last thing you want to have happen is for your child to start out excited but then just fizzle out after a few weeks of lessons. 

Instrument for your child
While there are many musical instrument options, the piano is a popular choice for children. As a gateway to music, the piano offers numerous benefits, including improving both-hand coordination while introducing children to basic music concepts. 
In addition, the piano is the only musical instrument capable of echoing the sound of a full orchestra. If your child is interested in switching to another instrument later on, they have will have the basics of the pentatonic scale as well as the ability to read both bass clef and treble clef. The piano provides a wonderful platform on which to develop dexterity and cognitive abilities. Ultimately, this can help instill an excellent sense of musicality in your child. 
Another suggested rout is having your child come in to a music store and look at all the different types of instruments. Sometimes the best solution is the easiest. If they are able to select the instrument they want to play it will build a stringer bond to the instrument increasing their chances of sticking with it. 
If they select an instrument that is too big for them there are many solutions. The first is buying a smaller version of the full size. Many instruments are scaled down from full size, ¾ size, ½ size, ¼ size, and even smaller in some cases. If the instrument is still not a proper fit consider a similar instrument that might be an easier fit. For example, many aspiring guitarists start off on a ukulele until the gain the motor skills needed for a 6 string guitar. 
Do you need assistance in choosing a musical instrument for your child? We would love to help at Remenyi House of Music. 
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