Student Instruments & Outfits

It is important for beginners to start their musical journey on a properly made and well adjusted instruments in order to train the ear, gain a solid sense of pitch, and to develop proper playing techniques. A good instrument also facilitates progress by making the learning process more enjoyable.

It is easy to build something that looks like a violin, but unless good materials and precise construction methods are utilized, it is not a musical instrument, but merely an object of industrial mass production. It will not have the proper tone and playing properties that are so important for beginners to experience.

Remenyi House of Music shops the world to find student instruments that deliver the highest value for price in way of quality of materials, reliability and workmanship. Once these instruments are received, each one is meticulously worked over, adjusted and fitted by professional makers in Remenyi’s inhouse workshop to ensure that they perform at their maximum potential.

We offer unmatched value and savings in student instruments, ranging between:

$395 - $1,295 for Violins
$495 - $1,295 for Violas
$995 - $2,495 for Cellos

To hear about the full line of instruments we carry please visit our store or call us at 416-961-3111 x 222