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An Unmatched Selection


Remenyi’s 127 year heritage is heavily based on their international reputation as makers, connoisseurs and expert dealers of violins and instruments of the violin family. Today, Michael Remenyi Sr. and fourth generation Michael Jr. manage what is a truly full-service string instrument resource for demanding students, teachers and artists. In addition to an unmatched choice of carefully selected instruments and bows, the String Department offers all accessories, strings, rosin and supplies, the latest cases and print music from publishers world wide. 

Fine repairs and restorations,
  bow repairs and making to order are done in-house by master craftsmen, and Michael Remenyi provides appraisals and valuations, as well as consultation by appointment.  His expertise in fine instruments and bows has been enlisted by museums, insurance companies, the Canadian Antiques Roadshow, instrument collections and government agencies over the past 40 years, and is regularly sought by players and investors considering the purchase or sale of rare master instruments.  Our relationships with the premier violin shops of Europe and America goes back sometimes for generations insuring our connection to the international marketplace. 

Remenyi’s busy String Department is widely visited by musicians, students and teachers from near and far. Our client list of past, current and future international artists are testament to our peerless reputation, which is upheld by service and courtesy, and by standing behind every instrument we sell by guaranteeing its authenticity and condition. `





An important benefit in dealing with a professional violin shop is the ability to upgrade instruments and bows purchased from us, toward your next, higher level investment. This courtesy is traditionally extended to our customers, in most cases.