An Unmatched Selection

Remenyi offers an unmatched selection of instruments. I personally travel extensively and seek only instruments that are in fine condition and are representative examples. After all, average things you can find anywhere. The great Italian instruments, to be sure, but also the more modern Italian, the English and French schools. Because of our heritage, in a way, we specialize in the instruments of the wonderful 19th century makers of the Austrian, Hungarian and Czech violin making traditions whose instruments are becoming increasingly sought around the world, for being excellent value on the market.

We also pride ourselves on our collection of old and modern bows. Bows have proven to be very good investments, as so few truly fine specimens come on the market these days. Most players can no longer aspire to the six and seven figure master instruments, but a fine bow can make just as great a difference in their playing, and the investment is still modest in comparison.

There is also, more: We regularly present events in our 2nd floor music room, open to our clients by invitation. Throughout the year, the Remenyi shop presents concerts, lectures, book and record launches, workshops and master classes by world renowned artists.

The company’s reputation was built on its reliable expertise, responsible appraisals and reports. Michael Remenyi has travelled with the Canadian Antiques Road show, and has been appraiser to insurance companies, Canada Customs, the Ontario Arts Council and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Our workshop, under our master, Zoltan Ari offers high level repairs and restorations. The job of a restorer is not only to remedy the effects of damage and wear and tear, but also to preserve the originality of the instrument for future generations. Our approach is conservative and time proven, the results are endorsed by top level players and collectors throughout the country.


An important benefit in dealing with a professional violin shop is the ability to upgrade instruments and bows purchased from us, toward your next, higher level investment. This courtesy is traditionally extended to our customers, in most cases.


We are always interested in purchasing, or accepting on consignment choice instruments and bows. In most cases, you will receive from us a higher, fairer value than offered by auction houses or by pedlar musicians.