Instrument Strings

The type of strings used is extremely important to the player and to the instrument. Depending on the level of player, the instrument, the music one plays will determine the type of strings to used.

D'Addario is one of the largest string manufactures in the world. The D'Addario family of string-makers originated in the small Italian town of Salle in the 1680's. Today they manufacture some of the best quality and well known strings around.
Strings include: Wondertone, Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Violino, Passione Synoxa, Aircore, Flexocore, Chromcor, Piratino, Tonica, Super Sensitive, Oliv and Eudoxa
A broad choice to fit every instrument and playing situation, all Thomastik strings are handmade in Vienna to the highest manufacturing standards Strings Include: Dominant, Vision, Vision Titanium, Infeld Blue and Red, Superflexible, Precision, Spirocore, and Bel Canto