Rosin was first produced from pine trees growing near the ancient Greek town of Colophon and was originally used in the medical and magical arts. Pine-tree resin is the essential element, the best results found from trees in Mediterranean regions. A good rosin fulfils two important functions in perfect balance: it bites without sticking, and glides smoothly, producing a fluid sound, without scratchiness. We carry the best of today's natural and synthetic rosins, some specifically formulated for cello and bass.

This excellent professional rosin has a very firm grip while continuing to provide a very smooth and clear finish for the tonality of the instrument.
Gold and Silver
Quality ingredients, exacting formulation, and over 100 years of tradition have earned Millant-Deroux worldwide popularity. Gold and Silver rosin was specifically designed to produce a strong, more aggressive sound of superior quality.
Made in England, this is a dark premium grade rosin. It is excellent for beginners or advanced players who like a grittier sound.
An inexpensive yet professional quality rosin. It is the most sold rosin in the world. Used for violin/viola/cello, the amber (light) is slightly hard and has moderate powder. The dark (green) is slightly softer and grips better than the amber.
Lanaro Rosin
Remenyi Music is proud to bring back this famous product to the North American market. Made from the finest natural ingredients by Lugi Lanaro, a world renowned master Luthier from Padova Italy; Lanro has spent years perfecting these formulas, making them safe and beneficial for the finest instruments. This fine rosin brings out the tone of your instrument as well as aids in the ease of playing. Also dust free, which protects you instrument.