Instrument Cases

Remenyi House of Music carries the widest selection of stinged instrument cases from around the world.   As the technologies of manufactering and materials are constantly changing, the Remenyi family continually travel the globe finding the highest quality at the best price.  

The popular BAM cases from France. Remenyi Music introduced BAM to Canada and now one of the most popular cases available. All cases are developed to provide musicians with the best combination of protection, quality and durability, while using light-weight, high-tech materials. Fashionable colours and designs. Available for violin, viola and cello
GEWA offers an excellent quality range of cases in entry to mid range price points. Cases are available for Violin, Viola and Cello.
Exclusively at Remenyi Music, the affordable yet innovative Lang case is crafted based on recommendation of musicans. It has every feature a violinist wants to have. Lang cases protects your instrument from temperature, humidity and damage. We offer a variety of models, colours and materials Available for violin and viola only
Exclusively at Remenyi Music, the world renowned Musafia cases from Cremona Italy. All handmade of the highest quality materials, maximum protection for the instruments. The quality and durability will ensure this is the last case you would buy. Costume order your case to your specifications and taste. Available for violin and viola only
GL Cases
Stunning violin case having a blend of contemporary and traditional look. Designed with the performer in mind with interchangeable accessories and multifunctional.
New technologies and carbon forming processes allow Musilia to produce a line of carbon fibre cases that will withstand the rigors of travel and protect valuable instruments from damage. The nylon strap which will never break, will carry the whole weight on its own and no karabiners are needed to carry the cello on your shoulder. The cases also feature fully adjustable cushion padding, just by turning a reciprocal two-way screw.. The most secure and revolutionary carrying system.
Brack Case
Exclusive to Remenyi House of Music. The technique of making cello cases out of composite materials was developed in the early nineties by Peter Brack. Since then, this technology has conquered the market and is also used by other manufacturers today. Plastics technician Peter Brack makes each Brack- Case by hand, and guarantees the highest quality of each one.