What's new in the Guitar Department


We've recently added some new products first spotted at the NAMM show this past January - and they're all here for you to check out:

Ohana Ukuleles: In many models & sizes that feature all solid woods. Excellent sound & very affordable!

Vintage Tweed Hard Shell Ukulele Cases: Available in all sizes (soprano, concert, tenor and baritone).

Copperstand Guitar Stands: Available in Wood or Vinyl, and they fold up like no other guitar stand! We have them for Guitar, Ukulele as well as Violin.

Alaska Picks: A unique fingerpick that fits under your nail almost like a nail extension that can be clipped and/or filed to your own personal likes.

Collectors of fine instruments take note: we've recently lowered the price of the Breedlove Limited Edition "Ed Gerhard" Brazilian Rosewood guitar by $1000!

This beautiful consignment instrument is now priced at $5500, down from the original asking price of $6500. If you've seen or played this guitar while in our store, you will know that is jokingly referred to it as "The guitar with built in SUB-WOOFERS". This is because it has such a massive bottom end, due largely to the Brazilian rosewood (it's very unusual for a guitar of this shallow depth to have this much low end). While $5500 is the asking price, the owner is quite motivated and would like to sell this guitar as soon as possible.

Contact the guitar department anytime by phone or email and we'd be happy to answer your questions.