Spring into Summer


We're happy to welcome summer with open arms and some exciting new products.

Teachers are invited to come see the new Mini Music Teacher’s Kit: a system for teaching beginning music theory to small groups of children complete with flash cards, bingo, puppets, games, and a cloth roll-out piano keyboard! This large set has everything you need to get started and is invaluable for teachers working with children from ages 5-7.

We're now carrying the small & lightweight Korg MCM1 tuner - works great & easy to stuff into a case for busy musicians traveling to & from school or gigs.

If you’re seeking a nice end-of-year gift for your teacher, have a look at our latest decorative wooden music stands. Available in both walnut & mahogany finishes, these are a beautiful and fully functional addition to the furniture in any studio.

And lastly, we’d like to say goodbye to the students, have a great summer, and we’ll see you again in the fall!