A Fall Musical Tune-up - Piano Workshop

Remenyi House of Music
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 10:00 AM

Join us for a fall piano studio tune-up!

Organise & Simplify your Teaching for Success
How do we enable our students to become more productive & enthusiastic? Darlene Irwin will present many practical & fun ideas for teaching, covering the use of memory aids, technical requirements, ear training methods, and music dictation - while incorporating music history into the private teaching studio.
Energise your Studio with the lastest in Canadian Piano Repertoire
Hear the works of Red Leaf Composers John Burge, Joanne Bender, Beverly Porter, Janet Gieck, Teresa Richert, Rebekah Maxner, Martha Hill Duncan and Susan Griesdale. A great opportunity to sample repertoire ideas for examination, festival & recital purposes. Performances by Martha Hill Duncan & Susan Griesdale.

While this is a FREE workshop, space is limited - please contact us to reserve your space.

Contact the store at musicbooks@remenyi.com or 416.961.3111 for more details.