Remenyi House of Music, Founded 1890, a Toronto Musical Tradition


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Facing the Royal Conservatory / Glen Gould School on Bloor street” Remenyi is much more than just a music store. We are one of the oldest music  firms in Canada We import directly from manufacturers and publishers around the world.  Be it  for a beginner, or a discriminating artist, a collector or an avid music-enthusiast, music , we are pleased to be your go-to source for instruments, supplies, print music,  educational materials, and more. We also stock an extensive selection of supplies and accessories for all instruments, musical novelties  and gift items. 

Remenyi house of music


Founded in 1890, our story has its roots in fine stringed instruments, when Mihály Reményi, a master violinmaker, opened his first violin shop in Budapest, Hungary. Over the next several years, the violin shop  gained a wide reputation for its expertise and fine craftsmanship. Remenyi received numerous distinctions and medals while submitting his instruments to expositions held throughout the European continent. He was also responsible for multiple inventions and patents, among which included the tone escalating violin bass bar as well as the Resonator, which served as a predecessor to the modern shoulder rest. Numerous excellent violin makers were apprenticed to and employed by the shop over the years. 

Eventually, Remenyi’s two sons joined the shop, the elder son, Laszlo, trained in Paris, London, Zurich, and Hamburg to become an internationally recognized violin expert and maker.  Meanwhile, Remenyi’s younger son, Zoltan, became responsible for the expansion of the business into various other areas of the music industry, The shop also expanded in the areas of manufacturing and distribution. 

The shop quickly became the largest music house in the country and was appointed as recognized suppliers to the Royal Court and the famed Franz Liszt Academy. While the shop survived two world wars, it was later confiscated when private enterprise was terminated by the communist regime in 1951. 

After immigrating to Canada in 1959, Zoltan Remenyi re-established the shop, expanding it from a tiny shop on Queen Street to the present location on Bloor Street, near The Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Toronto. Today, Remenyi House of Music is operated by the third generation of the Remenyi family and remains committed to musical excellence. 

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