Maintenance of Guitars and other Plucked Stringed Instruments:


Wrtten by: Remenyi House of Music

The precautions and tips for Care and Maintenance of Violins basically applies to all stringed instruments including guitars.

Basically, your job is to take measures to keep the instrument well hydrated, from early fall through to late spring  This is to protect the instrument from cracks, delamination and the neck from warping or shrinking.  Install a good humidifying device either on the instrument or in the case or have a room humidifier running in the home where the instrument is kept. The safe range is 45 to 60 degrees relative humidity year round and as steady as possible.  Your instrument should reside in its proper case or gig bag when not in use. If it’s kept hanging on the wall, make sure to use a quality guitar hook that won’t let it to slip or be knocked off if someone bumps into it.

Strings: Depending on how much you play, change the strings on your instrument frequently. Fresh, quality strings improve tuning stability, clear intervals and livelier, more responsive sound.. Change strings one at a time, keeping the tension on the other strings while working. Remember to clean the frets and the fingerboard under the string at the same time.

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