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The Remenyi family has been involved in the piano business and piano industry for over a century. You could hardly find a piano producer on the planet, who does not know the company or its distinguished reputation. The Remenyis are continually traveling the world, watching and analyzing the market, and selecting with care and confidence the instruments that provide the best quality and value for you, the customer.

New products are constantly appearing, new manufacturers continually emerging. The ownership of many old, well-known piano factories are changing hands. Famous European and American brands are being bought up by companies in the Far East. And with these changes in ownership come changes in production quality. Remenyi House of Music keeps up to date on who makes what, for whom, and from what quality of components and proudly offers a selection that is second to none on the continent.

Remenyi Music depends on the endorsement of the thousands upon thousands of distinguished artists, teachers, schools, institutions, and families who are satisfied past customers. We continually strive to provide the best instrument obtainable on the market for the best price, together with expert advice, courtesy, reliability and a long-term service. When you purchase a piano from Remenyi House of Music, it is the beginning of a lasting relationship that brings you ongoing benefits and privileges.

Handcrafted Pianos

Handcrafted Pianos

Take your favourite music score, and sit down in front of one of Europe’s legendary pianos like Bechstein, Blüthner, Förster, Hoffmann or Sauter. You will be taken by the full pallet of tonal colours available at your fingertips, the new possibilities for expression and control.

Digital Pianos

Handcrafted Pianos

Even the most basic of digital pianos are maintenance free and offer piano-like touch with such features as portability, silent play through headphones, numerous sounds, MIDI computer connectability, and built-in metronome & recording features.