Sauter Vivance

Vivace is a contemporary interpretation of the grand piano, without compromising on the classical form. The streamlined and newly accentuated curves and the profiled steel pedestal give this most traditional of instruments a floating easiness. The special value of this grand piano is emphasized by the fact that it is signed by the designer and individually numbered. In its new shape, the cut radii replace the traditional curves. An inlaid sequence of high-grade steel squares accentuate the new line of the piano further. Steel also plays a new role in the substructure of the grand piano. The structure of the profiled steel pedestal enables considerably more compact dimensions. This gives the grand piano a light, fresh, friendly, contemporary effect. Hydraulic damper for the piano fall board. Music desk with convenient one-handed controls.


Concert Grand


Width: 62.6" (159 cm)  Length: 6'9" (210 cm)