Sauter Imago

A great design, extravagant and classic - the sound pattern for a new age. Imago is at home in the most ultra-modern surroundings. Dominant here are contemporary, functionally designed furniture, but also modern classic such as the seating by Le Corbusier. The materials are a combination of light wood tones - modish pear, maple of beech; bright colour finishes and cool metal. A large, diagonal-grain pear wood panel frames the body of the piano like a window, forming an exciting contrast between the two silk-sheen finish, different shapes and their materials. An attractive extra: The Touch-Tronic lamps by Ingo Maurer are switched on and off or dimmed by a simply touch. The designer's signature along with individual serials numbering underline the unique of value of the piano.




Width: 74.4" (189 cm)  Depth: 23" (59 cm)  Height: 61.8" (157)