Sauter Design Series

Because a piano demands attention through its sheer size, it has to please the eye and blend with its surroundings. Sauter Design Series is created by world renown designed Peter Maly. The instruments not only look beautiful, but fits excellent in different ambience.

Concert Grand

Vivace is a contemporary interpretation of the grand piano, without compromising the classical form. More information

Width: 62.6" (159 cm) Length: 6'9" (210 cm) Finishes: Ebony polish, white polish, Mapel satin, Custom finished available

Vitrea´s essence is the contrast between the cool glass front and the warm wooden tones of the main structure of the piano. More information

Width: 59.8" (152 cm) Depth: 23" (59 cm) Height: 48.4" (122 cm) Finishes: Satin dark Oak

The Rondo is elegance with soft shapes, a piano that performs with the principle of round shapes. More information

Width: 61.8" (157 cm) Depth: 23" (59 cm) Height: 49.5" (125cm) Finishes: Ebony polish, Wenge satin

PURE "less is more"- as little as possible, as much as necessary. More information

Width: 61.5" (156 cm) Depth: 23.4" (59.5 cm) Height: 48.6" (123.5cm) Finishes: Cayenne Red, Ebony polish, White polish,

The body and keyboard form a solid backdrop for the focal point of the piano - an undulating panel. More information


A great design, extravagant and classic - the sound pattern for a new age. More information

Width: 74.4" (189 cm) Depth: 23" (59 cm) Height: 61.8" (157) Finishes: Maple satin, Beech satin

The Artes is inspired by the styles of the Twenties and Thirties and it also embodies a timeless elegance and understatement. More information

Width: 61.2" (155.5 cm) Depth: 23" (59 cm) Height: 48.2" (122.5 cm) Finishes: Black Polish, White Polish
Concert Grand

A concert grand of new design without any twirls whatsoever, but with a 7'6" long case flowing in a single sweep into a bend, shaped like a parabola. More information

Width: 59" (150 cm) Length: 7'6.5" (230 cm) Finishes: Ebony polish