bluthner pianos

The Blüthner Story

In autumn 1853, after having obtained permission from the municipal authorities of the City of Leipzig, Julius Blüthner started his firm. He rented a workshop in the western part of Leipzig where he prepared to start production with the help of three journeymen.

The piano is handcrafted still, just as when Stravinsky played on his very own Bluthner in 1918. The recipe is still the same: special wood from the high Alps area, seasoned 12 years; more than 6000 parts and components assembled in each instrument. Woods are naturally aged, and the patented cylindrically crowned soundboard is painstakingly crafted to vibrate and project sound freely. But most important, it is the special resonance system patented back in 1878 by Julius Blüthner, the founder, that continues to make this piano so special.

Touch a Blüthner, look inside the instrument. Be prepared to experience the highest level of perfection, and workmanship that stands above all the rest. The piano has a rich yet refined tone that has enchanted artists since 1853. Blüthner aficionados include not only pianists of every musical genre, but great composers, conductors, opera singers and string instrument virtuosi. Its purity of sound makes Bluthner the ideal piano for recording and broadcast, and they are found today in studios around the world. At Abbey Lane the Beatles recorded on and eventually toured with Blüthner pianos.

Bluthner Classic Edition

Bluthner Supreme Edition