August Förster

The August Forster is often referred to as the world’s “conservatory piano”. That is because of their rugged construction – they are virtually indestructible even under the most rugged demands.  Just think how many of the world’s greatest pianists cut their teeth on Forster pianos.  Ask any artist who studied at the illustrious conservatories of Europe, and they will all recall with affection their time with the ever dependable, ever satisfying August Forster pianos.
Concert Grand

The world expects a lot from a great concert piano - and August Förster exceeds expectations More information

Length: 9'1" (277.5 cm) Finishes: Ebony Polish
Concert Grand

Förster’s great “Artist Grand” is legendary for its longevity and reliability. More information

Length: 7'2" (219.5 cm) Finishes: Ebony Polish

The model 190 grand is currently receiving rave comments from discriminating pianists visiting our showrooms. More information

Length: 6'4" (192 cm) Finishes: Ebony Polish, White Polish, Mahogany Polish
Baby Grand

There are no compromises in tone for sake of compact size. More information

Length: 5'8" (177 cm) Finishes: Ebony Polish, Crotch Mahogany Polish, Walnut Polish

A suitable substitute for a small baby grand piano, the 125G brings together elegance and power. More information

Finishes: Ebony polish with walnut medallion

The style of case is one that blends perfectly in any décor, into modern or period style surroundings. More information

Width: 4'9" (149 cm) Height: 46" (116 cm) Finishes: Ebony Polish White Polish, Pear Tree Satin

The model 116D is a favourite at Remenyi, because of its uniquely full sound for size. Invariably such a high level instrument gets passed from generation to generation. More information

Width: 4'9" (149 cm) Height: 46" (116 cm) Finishes: Cherry Satin, Ebony polish