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Our global selection of handcrafted pianos

The piano is the primary tool of expression in Western Musical Culture. This culture originates in Europe and is a part of European heritage. The piano’s invention, development and ultimate refinement is the realization of lifetimes of work by generations of dedicated and ingenious craftsmen to create instruments of unmatched quality and refinement of sound and touch, durability and desirability. These qualities are neither understood nor can be copied by mass-producers.

Take your favourite music score, and sit down in front of one of Europe’s legendary pianos like Bechstein, Blüthner, Förster, Hoffmann or Sauter. You will be taken by the full pallet of tonal colours available at your fingertips, the new possibilities for expression and control. You will find yourself delivering a better, more rewarding and more complete musical performance.  You will understand why these fine pianos are not just musical instruments but individual works of art. Once you possess one, it inevitably becomes a precious and treasured part of your life and the life of your family.