cathead digital piano

 Unbelievably real sounding digital pianos.

Even the most basic of digital pianos are maintenance free and offer piano-like touch with such features as portability, silent play through headphones, numerous sounds, MIDI computer connectability, and built-in metronome & recording features.

Higher range keyboards offer grand piano-like weighted and graduated keyboards; automatic drum & accompaniment functions; high quality audio components and designer cabinets. Our experts select the most up-to-date makes and models and offer you knowledgeable advice with service, before and after you buy. We also offer a 3 year trade up guarentee for 75% of the value of your digital when purchasing a new acoustic piano.

Roland's musical instruments
Roland's musical instruments can be seen stirring up excitement no matter what music is played - whether it be jazz, rock, dance, whatever. Their reliable performance and leading-edge sounds are appreciated by pros and aspiring new talent alike. Roland is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic musical instruments and music gear. From synthesizers and digital recording products to guitar effects, electronic percussion, digital pianos, and home keyboards, Roland has led the way for over 35 years.  

KORG: Electronic Musical Instruments

Korg began with an idea: use the latest technologies to create the finest electronic musical instruments, and allow musicians to sound their very best. Since 1963, that has remained Korg’s passion. Along the way, Korg has earned a reputation of technological leadership, ease-of-use, and stunning sound. Korg set out to create an organ and came up with Japan’s first synthesizer. Innovation is in their DNA. And yet the instrument remains very human. Korg is a company of musicians and music enthusiasts that see them selves as your musical partner.

Kurzweil Digital Piano
After years of development by Kurzweil’s Boston based musical engeneers, new generation custom chip technology is now available throughout our new digital piano lineup. Designed specifically to the highest musical quality standards, this technology offers a range of deep expression and majestic sound unlike any other.