Höfner Basses

In 1956, Walter Höfner had an idea for a violin shaped semi-acoustic bass. Launched at that years Frankfurt Music Show, his idea revolutionized popular music & with continuous production from 1956 this bass is one of the few guitars available today that can trace it's origins back to the very beginning of Rock 'n' Roll.

The current range reflects the bass in all it's forms from the early bass with black bar pick-ups, the mid sixties 'Beatle Bass' and the later DeLuxe model with it's exotic bird's eye maple finish & gold plated hardware.

Many players revere Höfner’s Violin Bass as a legend because of its historical significance and its warm, woody, double-bass-like amplified tone. The Höfner Violin Bass is a unique instrument with a smooth, sweet sound and a playing ease that simply eludes most ordinary basses.