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Cort Guitars
Being the world's largest builder of guitars is a title no other guitar manufacturer can lay claim to. Cort, a division of Cortek Music Company, began building guitars in 1960.
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G&L Guitars
Leo Fender started G&L Guitars with his long-time business partner and friend George Fullerton in 1980 with one purpose: to improve on the designs and technologies put forth during the Fender years prior to the buyout by CBS in 1965 and subsequent commercialization of the Fender brand.
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Höfner Guitars & Basses
Founded in 1887 by Master Violin Maker Karl Hofner, Hofner revolutionized the industry in 1956 when son Walter invented an electrically amplified semi-acoustic bass. A family-run business for generations, Hofner employs traditional methods together with cutting edge technology in order to produce world-class instruments that meet their extremely high quality standards.
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