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Our Ukulele, Banjo and Mandolin Selection

The Ukulele has enjoyed an unparalleled surge in popularity recently largely due to it's portability as well as the simplicity with which it can be played. The use of Nylon Strings makes for a warmer sound but also makes this instrument extremely easy on the fingers. This combined with the fact there are only 4 strings makes it a great choice for anyone who may have tried to play a standard acoustic guitar but found it too difficult. Although we do carry models with Solid Wood Tops and bodies, customers seem to prefer the laminated models because they are more durable for traveling and also priced a bit lower than solid wood models.

Because of their consistent quality control and tuning stability we have chosen to carry only two brands of Ukuleles, "Oscar Schmidt" by Washburn and "Lanakai". A limited selection of Oscar Schmidt and Washburn Mandolins and Banjos are also available in our store along with strings, straps, cases and capos for these other "Folk" instruments.