Laney Amplifiers

In the mid 1960’s, Lyndon Laney, founder of Laney Amps, was studying electronics in college while moonlighting in a band with now family band mates, John Bonham and Robert Plant. While his band mates left to form the legendary Led Zeppelin, Lyndon pursued his interest in electronics and in particular, his fascination with tube amps. This marked the beginning of Lyndon’s pursuit that, at times almost become an obsession, for the ultimate tone. Fast forward more than four decades later and British amplification company Laney is still building amplifiers in its endless quest to deliver this ultimate tone to the musician, something that they have started to call the ‘Dark Art’.

This "Dark Art" is fluid and changes with developments and innovations of technique, instruments and musical style. Any musician who hits the sweet spot on tone - usually with a narrowing of the eye, a tilt of the head and more than likely a grimace - and can attest to its magic.