acoustic electric guitar

Our Amplifier Selection

Roland Amplifiers
Along with amazing sound and a reputation as a market leader Roland products are extremely reliable, easy to operate and well designed. The CUBE series of amplifiers are no exception and keep evolving and improving with each model years' introduction.
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Laney Amplifiers
British amplification company Laney is still building amplifiers in its endless quest to deliver this ultimate tone to the musician, something that they have started to call the ‘Dark Art’.
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Fishman Amplifiers
Fishman acoustic amps and pickups, have taken many a great acoustic guitar and helped achieve its truest sound possible when plugged in.
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Ultrasound Compact Amplifiers
A division of the Dean Markley Guitar String Company, Ultrasound Amps’ designers are 100% focused on building the most natural sounding acoustic amplifiers offered in today's marketplace.
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Evidence Audio Cables
Evidence Audio™ introduces a cable designed to let you communicate your heart and soul as it is meant to be heard.
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