Morgan Guitars

Fewer than 100 guitars per year emerge from David Iannone's shop located in Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia. Each instrument is hand-signed by the maker as a personal gesture to Morgan guitar owners, testifying to the maker’s uncompromising standards to provide instruments of unmatched beauty and sound.

In a world that has relinquished so much tradition to mass production methods, it’s comforting to know that each Morgan acoustic is made by a caring set of experienced hands – with deep connection to the instrument being created and to the player who ultimately possess these precious instruments.

Since 1985, David Iannone has continued to follow and build on the genius of past generations of craftsmen who laid the foundation for today’s guitar making achievements. After his tireless search for the finest materials and peerless attention to every detail, Iannone’s Morgan guitars embody an intricate dance of consciousness, technique, and effort that can only come through decades of experience.

David’s son Morgan, for whom the company was named, recently joined the organization and brings his youthful vitality and passion to his father’s craft. Together they continue their commitment to offer superb instruments that are sought by discerning musicians across the globe.