Luis Feu De Mesquita Guitars

Luis Alberto Feu de Mesquita, the founder of LFDM Guitars,was born in Andalusia in the south of Spain where the modern guitar evolved. Coming from this region, Luis was exposed to the richness and passion of Flamenco from an early age, but the emergence of The Beatles drew him to the electric guitar.

Luis built his first guitar in his mid-teens and by age 18, he realized that the art of constructing a guitar was more fulfilling for him than playing one. After years of practicing his craft in his free time, Luis dedicated himself to the art of guitar building and founded LFDM Guitars. A mechanical engineer by trade, Luis further refined his guitar building skills under master luthier Sergei de Jonge. Luis’ engineering background has contributed significantly to his unique approach to constructing guitars; Luis prefers drafting and resolving ideas on paper to ensure that the execution is efficient and surprises are limited. The result is that each of his guitars is not just hand-built with love and pride, but also with great precision. His unique masterpieces reflect the individuality of their owners. Today, LFDM Guitars are built, one by one, in Greenwood, Ontario.