Lowden Guitars

Masterfully hand crafted in Ireland by George Lowden and his team of skilled luthiers, Lowden Guitars offer a truly unique playing experience, with a sound and feel that can only be achieved with uncompromising standards of wood selection and attention to detail. To quote George himself:

"So far I have resisted the temptation to invest in ‘lean manufacturing’ techniques (which include extensive use of computer controlled machines) and have instead, built a team of real craftsmen who build Lowden guitars by hand using Japanese chisels, planes, knives and spokeshaves. It would have been much more economical to make our guitars with assembly workers and machines, but our choice is to build skills and an understanding of wood, and in so doing the guitars feel and sound like individual ‘works of art’".

The journey began in earnest in 1974 when George began the design and building of the first Lowden guitars in his workshop in Bangor County Down, Northern Ireland. The Lowden guitar is the result of unique design, workmanship and assembly techniques along with top choice of woods.

To appreciate why world-class players such as Alex de Grassi, Damien Rice, David Gray, Eric Clapton, Jacques Stotzem, Pierre Bensusan and Richard Thompson, have chosen to own a Lowden, visit our guitar department and try one for yourself. Be prepared for an inspiring musical experience.