Höfner Guitars

Celebrated for nearly 125 years of immaculate instrument crafting, Hofner guitars and bass continue to impress with their superior sound and uniqueness. Founded in 1887 by Master Violin Maker Karl Hofner, Hofner revolutionized the industry in 1956 when son Walter invented an electrically amplified semi-acoustic bass. A family-run business for generations, Hofner employs traditional methods together with cutting edge technology in order to produce world-class instruments that meet their extremely high quality standards.

Hofner sets the bar of excellence in guitar technology today at its state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly production facility near the village of Hagenau, Germany. The Hofner Nylon String Classical guitars enjoy great popularity as a teaching instrument at world-renowned music conservatories and universities. Hofner’s Archtop Jazz guitars are considered to be among the finest in the world and are coveted by professional players. The allure, craftsmanship and unbeatable value for price set Hofner instruments far above the competition.