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Our Acoustic Guitar Selection

Breedlove Guitars
Uncompromising traditional craftsmanship, innovation, environmental consciousness and customer focus are at the core of the Breedlove philosophy.
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Hofner Guitars
Celebrated for nearly 125 years of immaculate instrument crafting, Hofner guitars and bass continue to impress with their superior sound and uniqueness.
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Lowden Guitars
Masterfully hand crafted in Ireland by George Lowden and his team of skilled luthiers, Lowden Guitars offer a truly unique playing experience, with a sound and feel that can only be achieved with uncompromising standards of wood selection and attention to detail.
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Luis Alberto Feu de Mesquita Guitars
Luis Alberto Feu de Mesquita guitars are not just hand-built with love and pride, but also with great precision. His unique masterpieces reflect the individuality of their owners.
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Morgan Guitars
Fewer than 100 guitars per year emerge from David Iannone's shop located in Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia. Each instrument is hand-signed by the maker as a personal gesture to Morgan guitar owners, testifying to the maker’s uncompromising standards to provide instruments of unmatched beauty and sound.
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Walden Guitars
Walden guitars are built with a focus on quality, using traditional materials and techniques. These guitars are affordable yet built with outstanding quality using techniques such as hand scalloping of “Pre War” braces adding strength and clarity.
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