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Ask an Expert

Those who purchase an instrument from Remenyi realize that the transaction is not about “the deal”, but about the start of a lifelong relationship with our firm. We are committed to being available to our client family with consultation and assistance over the long term. Michael Remenyi Sr. is a well-known expert of musical instruments, who has lectured and contributed to books and articles on instruments and instrument making. He consults to numerous museums and schools, and served as musical instrument expert with the Canadian Antiques Roadshow. Our staff is selected for deep technical and industry knowledge of their specific fields: guitars, plucked and folk instruments; pianos and piano making; and print music and books. (Please note that at this time we do not deal with wind and percussion instruments).
We are frequently contacted by people who have an instrument in their family that was purchased from us by grandparents and even great-grandparents. For brief “answers” to questions concerning specific questions regarding repair, maintenance, history or market value of an instrument you currently own, please feel free to contact us through the enclosed form. We will do our best to respond, given the obvious limitations of “sight unseen”.